calmbirth®  classes – Melbourne

Gill Merzvinskis is an experienced midwife running calmbirth classes in Melbourne which give a sound understanding of the labour and birth process. At the completion of her program each couple will leave feeling confident and excited about the upcoming birth of their baby.

Her 36 years of experience working as a midwife both in Australia and internationally, together with her warm and relaxed teaching style will equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for a positive and joyful birth experience. The program empowers couples and allows them to own their birth experience.



We have a beautiful calm baby – when labour started we were so excited. The relaxation skills are great and we still use them when we get anxious or overwhelmed…..which is fairly common as new parents!!

It was truly awesome!! The breathing was awesome – it put me in the perfect headspace!

Even though I had to be induced for my first labour experience – I stayed calm and had an amazing 4 hour labour. There was some pretty intense pressure towards the end but I just stayed focused and breathed through it – my partner was great – he knew how to support me.


Review from Ping
We went to Gill in Camberwell. She was excellent and we owe so much to her. It gave us the confidence to ask the right questions and make informed decisions up to the birth and beyond.
I truly believe things happen for a reason and that when we contacted her (late at 36 weeks) someone had just dropped out of the class.
The path we have taken with Li Ling, I feel has much to do with what we learned from Calmbirth and allowed us to explore which way we wanted to raise Li Ling.To be concious parents.
Review from Sian
I  believe that attending Calmbirth class was the biggest determining factor in achieving the birth that our daughter intended.  Gill taught us about the anatomical and physiological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. This taught us that just because a labour seems to be taking a long time, it doesn’t mean that you are ‘not progressing’.

We also learned about what our birth options were (pain management, our rights, what to ask for) which meant that we could make informed and conscious decisions.

I believe that, had we not taken the Calmbirth class, we old have been coerced into an induction and, most probably a cesarean as the time period from first contraction to birth was 36 hours.
Gill’s wealth of knowledge and experience, along with her calm and gentle manner, made us feel confident in the birth process and – rightfully – trust in her.
I have no doubt that my daughter’s positive birth experience has contributed to the bright and peaceful nature she has.  I feel that by allowing her to have the birth she was meant to have she was given the gift of achieving her birth story on her own terms.