Parents who have participated in the calmbirth® workshop are often surprised at the wonderful birth experience they go on to achieve. We are delighted to share their stories and photographs with you

From Kirsty and Jez

“Gill really gave us a very grounded self-belief about natural birth and my ability to birth our son without medication or pain relief. Her approach to birth fit our own thinking and the discussions that stemmed from the calmbirth program, on all sorts of topics around birth, were wonderfully reassuring and very informed. Gill reminded us of so many talents that the female bodies possesses that equip us for childbirth. But not only our bodies – Gill’s focus on the fact that our minds can transform a birth experience was crucial in my embracing breath as my pain relief. It’s funny how often one or two bits of information stick in your head during birth that carry you through – mine was Gill reinforcing that breathing continually oxygenates the uterus to make sure it does the best job of birthing your baby. I really focussed on my breath taking oxygen and goodness down to my uterus and son in order to bring him into the world, and it worked. My partner couldn’t have been better equipped to help me thanks to the calmbirth classes too. Thank you Gill for hitting the right note with us for the birth of our second child.”


From Deanne and Andrew

“We left the classes with a whole new perspective on birth – we began to believe that a drugfree birth was actually possible. We now have a beautiful calm baby – when labour started we were so excited. The CD’s are great and we still use them when we get anxious.”


From Kimberly and John

“After the course, we were able to focus on the joy of birth rather than the fear of it. We practised the relaxations and visualisations daily so that by the time I went into labour we knew just how to relax and enjoy the last few hours of being pregnant – we even made a birthday cake before we went to the hospital! The labour got very challenging towards the end but Gill had explained the process to us so we knew what to expect. John was such a tower of strength – it took our relationship to a whole new level.”


From Patrick and Anna

“Our baby ended up being born by c/section but I am proud that I did not need to use any pain relieving drugs during the induction of labour. I am really pleased that I was able to do that for our baby… He came out so alert and breastfed beautifully and the calm breathing helped me during the operation and after. Thanks Gill for giving us the skills to enjoy the birth of our son even though he needed medical help. We will definitely be recommending calmbirth to our friends.”


From Donna and Jo

“Our twin girls were born at 36 weeks by c/section. The calmbirth class was the best education classes we went to. It really prepared us so well for whatever outcome we had – the calm breathing has also helped to deal with unsettled babies – and that is quite challenging with two of them. They really are skills for life.”


From Jenny and Matt

“Our baby was in a posterior position so the second stage took a long time – 3 hours! It took a lot of effort to stay focused but my husband helped me and together we did it – what an experience – We really felt like WE delivered our baby.”


Post natal visits $150 first visit, $100 thereafter.

 Keep up the great work! You have a natural gift for helping and
empowering women. I wish her every success in spreading the word and growing
peoples knowledge and confidence. I am a huge supporter and wish more people
would do the course to help diffuse the fear and anxiety I had and help the
man to understand that they have a very important part to play in ensuring a
safe and joyous birthing experience.